What is Blue Travel?+

What is a Vacation home?+

What are the differences between Vacation Homes and Hotels/Resorts?+

Where are you located?+

Are your homes close to Disney?+

Are Vacation Homes beter for families?+

How big are your homes?+

Can I bring a pet?+

Is smoking allowed in the property?+

I'm planning a family reunion. Does your company work with larger groups?+

How old do I have to be to rent a property?+


What is included in our property?+

Is there a washer and dryer available?+

Do we have to supply anything in the vacation home?+

Is there a maid service available?+

Does your company offer concierge services?+

Do the properties have a private pool?+

Is there a lifeguard on duty?+

What if my pool needs to be serviced?+

Is the pool water heated?+

Do the door to the pool have alarms?+

Do all the pools have a spa?+

Will my home have TVs in all of the bedrooms?+

Will my home have a games room?+

Your Arrival

Do we have to pay for the property upfront?+

What sort of security deposit is required for the property?+

Do I still need a credit card if I want to pay in cash?+

What are your cancellation policies?+

A last-minute emergency has forced me to cancel my reservation. Do I have to pay the entire balance of the property?+

If I miss my flight and don't arrive until the next day, do I still have to pay for the first night's stay?+

What if there is a hurricane before I arrive?+

What should I pack for my vacation?+

What is the weather like in Florida?+

During Your Stay

Where do I check in?+

Is your office open 24 hours?+

What if I arrive after hours?+

When do I pay the remaning balance?+

What if I have an emerceny after hours?+

Can I extend my stay after I arrive?+

Can I have a late check-out?+

What if I have to check out early, do I get a refund?+